Sunday, January 24, 2010

Biggest Loser Giveaway

Biggest Loser Giveaway

Win this great kit!

The kit includes 7 tools to help you build your healthy lifestyle:

•The Biggest Loser game for Wii or Nintendo DS (winner's choice)

•an Audio Journal (press the "Daily Dose Button" to hear 365 motivational, inspirational & informational messages from winners of season 4 & 5 Ali & Bill)

•Recipe Easel and Recipes from Biggest Loser Cookbooks

•Meal & Exerciser Planner (Track your Fitness & Food Log, Calorie Counter, Flexible Format and Easy-to Use Planner)

•Exercise Music CD (30 minutes of music at 126 BPM)

•Tape Measure

•10 Day Trial at Biggest Loser Online Club

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