Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sampler Village GIVEAWAY!

Sampler Village GIVEAWAY!

Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays? Check out Sampler Village! This company collects wonderful and unique handmade products from "Village Residents" and places them in sample boxes for purchase. Then customers have the chance to try all the different samples that the Village Residents have to offer. There are 3 different boxes to choose from; large boxes contain 15-18 samples and mini boxes contain 10-12 samples. Sample boxes will differ each month depending on who and how many villagers participate for that particular month. The prices are so reasonable for the amount of samples you receive!

Boxes will be ready to purchase November 21st!!!
Sampler Village Sample Box ~ $20
Sampler Village Sample Box for Mommy's ~ $20
Mini Sampler Village Box ~ $15

Win a large Sampler Village Sample Box!!!!

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