Monday, November 9, 2009

One Project Closer - Digital Programmable Thermostat Giveaway

One Project Closer - Digital Programmable Thermostat Giveaway

Prizes (2): Trane XL800 digital programmable thermostat.

The XL800 Deluxe Programmable includes:

Bright back-lit display with interactive touch screen
Armchair programming with removable screen
Filter clean/replacement key
Programming functions stored in permanent memory
Manual or auto changeover
Minimum compressor runtime
3 – 10 degrees F dead band between heating and cooling set points in the “auto” changeover mode
Conventional or adaptive intelligent recovery
Min and max heating range
Min and max cooling range
Daylight-Savings Time key
Programmable fan can be programmed in the “on”, “auto” or “circulate” mode for each period
Vacation/leave program will hold vacation/leave temperature for up to 256 days
Five-minute time delay for compressor protection
Outdoor temperature display (as an optional accessory for the TAYSENS100A)

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