Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom Most Traveled - Swinxs Giveaway

Mom Most Traveled - Swinxs Giveaway

Prize: Swinxs interactive gaming system (ARV $150).

Swinxs is an electronic gaming system, but it doesn’t use video! Swinxs is all about getting kids moving and promoting social interaction!
This is pretty much the opposite result of what most electronic gaming systems provide (sedentary-ness and social isolation).

Swinxs is durable, lightweight, water-resistant and cordless. Charge it up, and the battery lasts for about 4 hours of playtime.
You can take Swinxs anywhere: indoors, outdoors, the park, the beach, or beyond!

Swinxs can be enjoyed in single player mode or with up to 10 players.

Each player wears a colorful wristband that communicates with Swinxs.
Your band starts games and keeps track of your personal profile and scores.

Swinxs comes with 4 wristbands, but you can buy additional wristbands to add more friends to the game.

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