Saturday, October 10, 2009

Leap Frog's new 'Text and Learn' toy Giveaway

Leap Frog's new 'Text and Learn' toy Giveaway

Here's what your child can do with the Text and Learn game:

Press the letter keys and listen to a particular alphabet and their phonetic sound (Teaches alphabet sounds and identification)

Click the right alphabet keys to match the alphabets placed inside bubbles to pop them (Helps identify alphabets and find them on the keyboard format pad. This teaches a child to adapt to finding alphabets on a computer keyboard quickly when he/she begins to use the computer)

Direct Scout to reach his home while obeying instructions to click specific shapes on the screen. (Helps identify and recognize shapes while learning to maneuver to the specific shape while using the arrow keys only )
Watch Scout dance to different music forms. (You can dance along too....ready for some salsa?!)
Receive text messages from Scout and if your child is a little older and able to spell, then he/she can send text messages back.

Learn the days of the week with Scout and check out his schedule for each day.

This is a great toy for a child as young as 3 and can be just as much fun for a 6 year old. It retails for 21.99 US$ and is available online or in these stores.

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