Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Mom Buzz - Restore Clothing Giveaway

The Mom Buzz - Restore Clothing Giveaway

Where can you find these cute clothes? Well, the eco-friendly mom behind the muscle (that's me) says you have to check out Restore Clothing. Restore Clothing is responsible, earth-friendly, sustainable, organic, recycled and STYLISH. They are committed to environmentally and socially responsible practices. They source and manufacture domestically in New York City from North American Textiles and use low impact dyes. They also support and contribute to the environment by committing 1% of their revenues to 1% For the Planet. Plus, Restore Clothing is Third Party Certified Organic.

Restore Clothing is transitioning to Dream Repreve Recycled Nylon. They are the first to adopt Repreve® Nylon in a commercial application to reduce new material consumption and keep their impact on the resource supply chain to a minimum. Additionally they use Post Industrial Coconut Carbon (Cocona®) as a moisture and odor managing fabric.

Did you ever imagine that the clothes you work out in could be so environmentally conscientious? Now, Restore Clothing has both men and women's apparel, but I am going to assume that 99% of you reading this want to know about chic styles for women that you

Prize: Active shorts and crossover bra from Restore Clothing.

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