Monday, September 7, 2009

LaundryHE | Giveaway

There will be 2 winners on this one, a bottle each of Wisk HE .

LaundryHE powered by Wisk is a dialogue based site designed to help answer all of your HE related questions. “HE” stands for “High Efficiency” and is used in reference to household appliances and detergents. Wisk’s first -to-market high efficiency detergent Wisk HE is formulated specifically for your HE washing machine.

HE is important because it results in both energy and water conservation. HE washers use 20% to 66% less water than a traditional agitator washer, and because there’s less water to heat, HE washers use 50% to 80% less energy.*

Due to their low water wash and rinse cycles, HE washers work best with an HE detergent that is low-sudsing and easily rinsed away.

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