Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Natural Dentist Giveaway

Check out the Natural Dentist here: http://www.thenaturaldentist.com

3 Winners! Each gets their choice of toothpaste and rinse!

About The Natural Dentist® {from the website}:
The Natural Dentist offers natural oral care products that promote healthy gums and teeth and provide a safe and healthy alternative to today’s mass-market prescription and over-the-counter products, many of which contain alcohol, harsh chemicals, preservatives, and artificial dyes, flavors, and sweeteners. Created by a dentist to provide effective natural oral care for his patients’ teeth and gums, the brand uses a scientific blend of natural ingredients so consumers do not have to choose between natural and effective.

Superior performance - cleaning, whitening, cavity prevention and breath freshening
Fluoride for cavity prevention and protection from acid erosion (fluoride-free option too!)
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or artificial ingredients (SLS is a foaming detergent that can irritate your mouth and has been linked to canker sores)
Contains Xylitol (10%), a natural cleansing agent and sweetener
Sold without a cardboard box - a "green" step that reduces excess packaging
Stand-up tube for convenience on sink

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